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The A1302 are continuous-time, ratiometric, linear Hall-effect sensor ICs. They are optimized to accurately provide a voltage output that is proportional to an applied magnetic field. These devices have a quiescent output voltage that is 50% of the supply voltage. Output sensitivity 1.3 mV/G typical for the A1302.The Hall-effect integrated circuit included in each device includes a Hall sensing element, a linear amplifier, and a CMOS Class A output structure. Integrating the Hall sensing element and the amplifier on a single chip minimizes many of the problems normally associated with low voltage level analog signals.High precision in output levels is obtained by internal gain and offset trim adjustments made at end-of-line during the manufacturing process.

  • Low-noise output, Fast power-on time
  • Ratiometric rail-to-rail output
  • 4.5 to 6.0 V operation
  • Solid-state reliability
  • Factory-programmed at end-of-line for optimum performance
  • Robust ESD performance
Category Sensors, Transducers
Family Magnetic – Hall Effect
Sensing Range 0.85mV/G ~ 1.75mV/G
Type Linear Field Sensor
Voltage – Supply 4.5 V ~ 6 V
Current – Supply 11mA
Current – Output (Max) 10mA
Output Type Digital, Differential
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 125°C
Package / Case 3-SIP
Supplier Device Package 3-SIP
Packaging Bulk
Standard Package 500

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